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Because Wild Medicine is run by herbalists, our products are not only beautiful and natural, but also have medicinal qualities. Many of the formulas are blended using Ayurvedic principles, and every product is carefully designed by our Medical Herbalist Holly Tarn. You can read more about the medicinal properties of each of the products in their descriptions.



Around 90% of our ingredients are currently organic, and we’re aiming to make that around 99% within the next year. Our candles are made using eco soy wax and use no synthetic fragrances. You’ll also notice that there’s no long names on our ingredients list. That’s because we use 100% natural and edible ingredients. No stabilisers, no chemicals. We preserve using beeswax, oils, and essential oils, which we believe are nature’s preservatives.


We hand-make all of our products in our beautiful apothecary kitchen in Braunton, Devon. Additionally, we strive to obtain as many of our ingredients locally as possible. Whether that’s wild harvesting our plants (like the cedar in our Epsom salts), or buying our bee products from a local honey farm, you can be assured that you’re supporting a truly local company.


Being environmentally sustainable is at the core of our business. We currently use only one plastic product (the lids), and we reuse these where possible. We try to buy in bulk, and always prefer companies that pack with paper and not plastic. You can also drop your used containers at our Braunton location (14 Barton Lane, EX332AY), and we will sterilise and resuse them.


Did you know that Wild Medicine Devon aim to make all of our products edible? Everything we use (even the Epsom salts) is food grade. Although we don’t actually recommend eating any of the products (!) you can rest assured that you’re not putting anything on your skin that you wouldn’t want inside your body.

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